100K Jobs

Almost anyone would like to have a job that pays $100,000 each year. Many of these high paying jobs are executive positions, but a few people are earning this amount of money, and they do not even have a college degree. If a person wants to earn this high income, it is possible to do with a little bit of planning and some unique strategies that will help the job seeker find this type of job. For example, it is possible to prepare for a high paying career while a student is still an undergraduate student. If a law degree or medical degree is the student’s goal, this is attainable with the right training. There are other high paying fields that students can prepare for, such as financial industry positions, engineering, technology, healthcare, marketing, and aviation, plus more. The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics reports that there are over 50 categories of jobs that had median salaries that were over $80,000 annually. Half of these jobs have median salaries of $100,000.

100k jobsEven if with the right education, it is still necessary to know where to look for one of these jobs. They are not usually advertised in the newspaper or made public because most employers hire high level employees through recruitment firms. There are employment agencies or staffing firms with websites that often charge a membership fee to allow job searchers to contact prospective employers. Most of these agencies deal only with jobs over $100,000, so they deal specifically with executive positions and other high paying jobs. Firms usually do not only list job openings and contact information, but they also provide advice on how to improve a resume, how to have a successful interview, and advice on writing thank you notes after interviews.

One of these agencies, The Ladders, advertises on television and lists jobs online for a fee. They currently have over 65,000 jobs listed on their site. Their jobs are divided into fields, such as sales, law, marketing, Human Resources, technical, general management, real estate, sciences, and construction. There are many other agencies online as well that have jobs posted by employers searching for employees. Typically, job candidates post their resume at the site, and recruiters contact prospective employees to judge whether or not they are a good match for the job before setting up an interview.

High paying positions of 100K or more can also be found by directly contacting recruiters. These professionals are employed by large companies to fill job openings. Many times those searching for jobs will send their resume to the recruiter who will keep it on file in case a job opening occurs. Some recruiting firms search worldwide for executives to fill positions around the world. There are times that firms offer interim executive positions or short-term positions for mid-level to senior-level management. The person hired for one of these jobs is often able to find permanent work when this job is completed because of the experience that the temporary job provided. Also, if the short-term employer is pleased with the executive’s work, it is possible that the worker may be hired for another position.

In today’s changing employment market, it is even possible to find a work at home position that pays 100K or more per year. Some of these jobs are in marketing, sales, and in most areas where work can be done online and over the phone. In addition, many jobs like these use the work at home as the office base, but frequent travel is required. There are many options in today’s job market for those who want to find a high paying job.